About Kurt

Kurt has over forty years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, working onshore and offshore. His consultancy firm, OIC Consultancy, was founded in 2013.

Kurt was project manager in exploration and development drilling, HPHT, under-balanced drilling using OBM with nitrogen injection, air and foam drilling using standard rotary equipment and air hammers, completion and production on land operation, horizontal drilling and maximum deepwater 300m.

• Communication Skills
Kurt shows strong people skills as a result of the continued work with people of diverse ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

• Technical Expertise
Excellent technical expertise attained through industry standard drilling courses and hands on experience.

• Resilience
Working both offshore and onshore in extreme climates and geographies.

International experience includes work in the following countries:
North Sea, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Malta, Malaysia, Morocco, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Oman, Yemen, Colombia, Brazil and Uzbekistan.

• Diverse Work Regions
• S America: Colombia, Brazil
• N America: Texas
• Europe: North Sea, Ireland, Malta, Italy, Spain
• Africa: Nigeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Iraq
• Middle East: Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Oman
• Central Asia: Uzbekistan
• Asia: Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Cambodia, Malaysia

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