• Associated Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
• Occidental Oil Co Drilling Trade Test
• NOR Drill Section Leader Drilling Cert
• Management Fast Track Course USBM
• Cert Advanced Drilling Operation

• Cert Sub Sea Engineer (US.M.M.S.S.O.C.S)
• Cert in Mgmt & Supervisor Efficiency
• Cert H2S Basic Training

• Extended Safety & Training Course (Norwegian Continental Shelf)
• NOR Merchant Marine Seaman’s Book
• Well Control Cert Supervisor Level

Independent Drilling Consultancy Ltd. Ireland
Mar 13 – present / Director & COO
Drilling Advisory and Operation auditing, Rig and equipment inspections and audits.

International Drilling Manager & Corporate Technical Advisor
May 10 – March 13 / Soyuzneftegaz E&P Ltd. Moscow
Advisor to the Board of Directors on sourcing and establishing Company new international investment. Setting up JV partnerships, sourcing equipment and preparing costing including management profile.
Reference : Sergey Korovin. Commercial director.

Technical Well Engineering Advisor
Mar 10 – May 10 / Shell Exploration. Syria
Farm out from SNG as Advisor to Senior Drilling Engineer on well design and contract preparations for drilling Oil & Gas exploration wells.
Reference: Jean Michelle Larroque. Exploration Manager.

Exploration Drilling Manager
Feb 08 to 28 Feb 10 / Soyuzneftegaz 12 Inc. (SNG) Syria
Responsible for planning, tendering for drilling rig and service contracts, budgeting and drilling of three exploration wells ii Block-12 in Syria.
Reference: Azat Mazitov, General Manager.

Drilling Manager/Head of drilling and workover department
Jan 06 – Feb 08 / Soyuznefetgaz Vostok (SNG Gizzar), Uzbekistan

Responsible for long term Planning, Budgeting and Drilling appraisal, development oil and gas wells including horizontal wells in a Stand alone remote operation.
Reference: Artur Rastrogin, President Exploration;

Operation Drilling Manager, Drilling and Workover, Civil Work and Development operations
July 04 – Jan 06 / SNG Operating, Uzbekistan

Responsible for planning drilling and workover strategy.
Responsible for drilling Horizontal and Vertical development wells.
Field development planning.
Reference: Artur Rastrogin, President Exploration,

Technical Advisor
Jan 02 – July 04 / UzPEC Ltd, Uzbekistan

• Technical advisor for drilling and workover programme on a PSA project for Trinity Energy UK in conjunction with national oil company.
• In charge of construction of well site locations and road work.
• Mainly responsible for planing and converting from old Russian type operations and completion to Western API standard.
Reference: Tony Scott General Director.

Senior Drilling Supervisor
Nov 99 – Nov 01 / Occidental de Colombia (OXY), Colombia

• On Site, responsible for drilling operation and related programs. Exploration well.
• Worked with Drilling Engineers to complete Drilling Programme and equipment requirement.
• Prepared equipment and transport for remote drilling operation.
• Due to extreme security restrictions all contractors and operators equipment and materials had to be transported in convoys with military escort, each convoy consisted of 95 trucks + support vehicles, stretching over 4.6KM. total of 412 loads were required to complete the mobilisation.
Reference: Edward Bush, Drilling Manager.

Field Drilling Superintendent
Aug 98 – Aug 99 / Emerald Energy, Colombia
• Completed Re-entry after Company previous attempt had failed, saving several millions $ and allowing for production.
• Successfully drilled and completed 1 HP/HT appraisal well to planned depth at record time and low cost.
Reference: Keith Hewitt, Managing Director.

Drilling Supervisor
July 96 – July 98 / BPX, Colombia
On site in charge of exploration drilling in the Piedimonte concession, recognised by BP as one of the most difficult drilling condition in the world.
• In charge of Under Balance Techniques, using OBM with Nitrogen injection and Air/Foam drilling.
• Responsible for carry out a stringent Environmental and Public Relation Program.
• While with BP in Colombia, I never had a stuck pipe situation where we had to back off and side track. BP documents this as a record for the area.
Reference: Alan Nelson/Tony Stuart, Drilling Managers.

Drilling Superintendent
July 95 – July 96 / Wintershall Oil Co, Libya

• Responsible for Drilling and Completion of appraisal and development wells.
• Involved in Work-over and Fracking of existing wells.
• Assisted in developing new drilling and coring bit selection for the area, with a cost saving of over $2 millions per well in the final face.
• Reference: Helmut Primus, Drilling Manager.
March95-June95 International Petroleum Corporation Libya
Acting Drilling Manager/Superintendent.
• Responsible for setting up the operation to drill one exploration well.
• Handled tenders and contracts for all services required for the project.
Reference: Tim Sarney, Operation Manager

Drilling Superintendent
Sept 94 – Feb 95 / Nimir Petrolium Yemen
• Responsible for setting up new land drilling operation, including accepting the Rig and mobilisation of all Operator and Contractors equipment and assisting in writing detailed drilling programme.
• During the period. I was responsible for Rig Auditing and Safety, including inspection of Sub Sea, Marine and Drilling equipment on a Drill ship working for the Company.
Reference: Jeff Gamblen, Drilling Manager.

Drilling Supervisor
June 94 – Aug 94 / International Petroleum Corporation, Thailand

• Was called in to rectify and supervise operational and drilling problems.
• Solved and completed the HT/HP well, including fishing/recover a Radioactive Source logging tool.
• Demobilised clients and all of the contractors equipment back to Singapore in record time. Drill Ship.
• Reference: Jonas Lindval, Operation Manager.

Drilling Supervisor
June 93-April 94 / Nimir Petroleum Yemen
• Involved in initial start up of Nimir’s operation in Yemen.
• Civil Engineering Survey and mapping of Drilling sites, entrance roads and Air strips in remote areas of the country.
• A.) Responsible for inspecting and approving two land drilling rigs.
• B.) Prepared two drilling locations and drilled several water holes.
• C.) Handled Public Affairs and relationship.
• Supervised the drilling of a ‘Wild Cat’ well with Air and Foam for surface and intermediate section and water based mud to TD.
Reference: Jeff Gamblen, Operation Manager.

Drilling Supervisor
June 89 – May 93 / SPDC Shell, Nigeria
• Experienced on land and swamp rigs, exploration, appraisal and developing drilling operations, on land and swamp rigs.
• Nominated by Shell (SIPM) to Supervise the drilling of a relief well after a Blowout on one of the Company land operation. This well was completed ahead of schedule.
Reference: Drees Vermant/Frank Effeduma, Senior drilling Engineers

Drilling Supervisor (Night)
March 89 – May 89. Occidental North Sea
• Drilled one appraisal well in East piper Field. Semi Submersible Rig.

Drilling Supervisor
July 88 – Feb 89 / Occidental Indonesia
• Prepared equipment to drill three (3) 14.000ft. wells and mobilised with rig from Singapore to Indonesia.
• Drilled three exploration wells offshore Irian Jaya from a Jack up rig.
• Operation completed ahead of schedule.
Reference: Paul Collier. International Drilling Manager.

Drilling Foreman
Feb 88 – June 88 / BP Thailand
• Drilled two exploration wells from a Jack up rig.
• Demobilised rig and equipment to Singapore.
Reference: John Prince, BP, UK.

Global Marine Drilling Company Operation
1968 – 1987. Asia, Italy, Malta

• Manager (85-87)
• Operation Superintendent (82-85)
• Toolpusher (4 yrs)
• Derrickman (3 yrs) Driller (4 yrs)
• Marine department (3 yrs)
• Anchor handling and rig maintenance


1979 – 1983:
College of Business Administration (USBM)
Houston Texas, USA

1965 – 1967:
Mining Engineer Technique
Copper and Zinc Mining

1964 – 1965:
Technical Marine Navigation Course
Norwegian Royal Navy

1952 – 1964:
Primary & High School in Norway

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